About ClickSpace


We pride ourselves on our work, professionalism and our relationships with our clients. Our aim is to gain full comfort and trust with our clients, creating fruitful relationships which in turn creates prosperity.


The company merged with Green Marker Designs (formed 2008) in 2010 to produce ClickSpace Media. The original focus of Green Marker Designs was web design and development. This focus changed with ClickSpace Media moving itself into the full web arena i.e. web design, print design, software application development and online marketing including SEO (search engine optimisation) and SEM (search engine marketing). ClickSpace Media is an out of the norm website design and development company as we believe that we can create and customise your website to your particular requirements and needs.


Most companies mistakenly believe that in order to increase sales, they must expose more people to their product through expensive advertising campaigns. That’s just not true. We are all about Google Advertising whether its Google AdWords or organic ranking using white hat SEO methods. We aim to increase your brand awareness which in turn increases visitor traffic to your website.

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