InHabit Website


The InHabit website has been transformed and upgraded to a modern web 2.0 e-Commerce website compared to its previous version which did not fulfil the owner’s requirements.

The new website has been designed to not only showcase all of the client’s products in the form of a catalogue; it also allows the users to pick and choose what products they would want to order from the website. The ordering process is a simple five step process encompassing the simple push button approach of ordering.

The website has also been designed based on client requirements to follow a payment free system allowing the website user to place orders without immediate payment.

A content management system has also been built into the website allowing the clients website administrator to add, update, or remove products from the website on the fly.

Search Engine Optimization foundations have been built into the InHabit website. Key SEO components looked at; on page factors such as titles, and relevant web page content have been built into the website giving it the neccessary structure to be found on Google and other important search engines.


The website has been built using ASP.Net 3.5, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, jQuery and Javascript, CSS and HTML.


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